Christmas Memory #1

AChristmasTaleBlogEvent-copyWhat do little girls want for Christmas? Dolls, barbies, make-up kits, teddy bears, cool clothes, etc. Not this little nerd. Oh no, I wanted books, lots and lots of books. After opening my gifts on Christmas morning, the only thing I’d carry around with me would be a new book. When I visited grandma’s or any family member’s house that morning, I’d carry it along, hoping I could start the story sooner rather than later. While my cousins were excited about their brand new toys, I’d be sitting in the corner, escaping reality.

Sometimes they’d encourage me to play with them; other times I’d decline. After my mom or dad would tell me to be nice (hee hee), I’d hang out with my cousins. When I got home, I’d read my book until I was done even if that meant sleeping in late. Then I’d start on the next book.

My favorite books back then were: Ramona, The Baby-sitter’s Club, Amelia, Archie Comics, Bernstein Bears, etc.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

P.S. Check out L.M. Sherwin’s website–she’s participating in the Christmas Blog Event too!


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