Book Review: Rakshasa By Alica Knight

Libby the Loser. That’s what everyone used to call me behind my back. I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t brave.

All that changed after a chance encounter in a Canberra nightclub. Afterward, I began to dream; dream I was something else. A powerful creature of muscles and claws, something powerful and confident and everything I wasn’t.

I dreamed I was in love with a man I’d barely met.

The dream world is beautiful, wondrous place, but there’s a shadow in my dreams. An eclipse, broken with a gunshot. Then I wake up.

Now my dreams are coming true. My body is changing for real. I’m shedding Libby the Loser like an old skin. I’m growing into something else.

I enjoyed this 5 chapter book. It was told through Libby’s first person point-of-view. The back and forth between Libby and Katelyn, her best friend, was funny. Katelyn kept getting on her case about not being able to pick up men. When Libby finally snags someone, her best friend mistakes him for a stalker.

The main character reminded me of myself in a lot of ways: wore glasses, relunctant to go out to bars and clubs, has memorable dreams, friends make fun that she’s single.

Ishan is the guy from the bar (and her dreams). Let me tell ya, Libby’s dreams were steamy! This story is a part of a series and how they interacted with one another motivates me to read the rest of the series to see how everything turns out. The cliffhanger was cool too.

  • He introduces Libby to the Rakshasa world. I like that we, as readers, learn about the Rakshasa the same time as the main character like we’re all taking a course together or something. I like how future conflict was set up (which will probably be expanded on in later books).

My favorite lines: 1) Nineteen is an odd age to die. You’re over eighteen so you’re legally an adult, but really, you’re still just a kid. 2) I had barely said two words to this man. Further, I realised in a sudden spike of panic that he was now outside my door.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the author or book:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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