Book Review: Soul (Takers Book 1) By Erika Lindsen

Working for the devil has its perks. Free housing, teleportation and immortality are some of Drebin’s favorites. But it comes at a price. As a Taker demon, he has pledged his allegiance in blood to get souls by tricking his victims into suicide. And Drebin is enjoying every minute of his eternity at the top of his game. Like a fine wine, he gets better with age.

Drebin’s next assignment is Alexia. She’s eighteen, blonde and has a very trusting nature, and that’s all he cares to know. Drebin prepares for what he believes is an easy mission, until he lays eyes on his mark.

As Drebin and Ally become closer, he finds his job getting harder. Her touch is alluring, her kiss infectious. Drebin is reminded why humans are such a divine creature. But love isn’t in the job description, and he must choose whose soul is truly worthy of the afterlife.

I liked this 13 chapter book. It was told through Drebin’s first person point of view and Alexia’s (a.k.a. Ally’s) first person point of view, each rotating chapters. My favorite narration was Drebin’s because he had a certain wit to him; plus, I liked the flow of his thoughts intertwining with his manipulative dialogue to deceive people.

Chapter 1 ended on an interesting note–Drebin was arrogant in believing he’d take Ally’s soul very easily. Good thing it didn’t go as planned because it made an entertaining story. His plan was to become her friend, make her trust him, then break her down to the point she’d want to commit suicide. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of Drebin and Sil’s close bond–understanding their motives for being bad boys.

When I was younger, I witnessed my cousin get attacked by her neighbor’s dog. To this day, I’m terrified of dogs, but they don’t faze her. When the rottweiler attempts to maul Ally, that memory came rushing back to me. The author did a good job of setting things in motion to have Drebin and Ally meet sooner rather than later.

My favorite scene was: Drebin revealed his life right before he died and how he was tricked into becoming a Taker. His name was Joseph when he was human. It was cold-blooded what his father and uncles did to his mom. It made me feel sorry for him.

This book sort of reminded me of Repo Man where Jude Law’s character decides to stop killing people, so his friend Forest Whitaker has to track him down, attempting to kill him. I loved the tension between Drebin and Sil.

Erika Lindsen is so cool that for her Three Siblings book, she gave 100% of her royalties to the Toledo Children’s Hospital because a family member is receiving treatment there. That’s very admiral of her.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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