I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts…Well Maybe I Am

Has something frightening ever happened to you that you can’t explain? That when you tell people, they don’t believe you? Well, an incident happened when I was a little girl. Most people don’t believe me, but I swear it’s true. They think my imagination played tricks on me. However, I know better…

I was waiting by the front door, which had a full length mirror beside it. My dad was getting ready to take me to grandma’s, so I could walk to my elementary school. I stared into the mirror, maybe admiring myself (I am a Leo after all hee hee). Shortly after, my reflection vanished and the glass turned gray. Too scared to move, I just kept staring. Fog appeared at the bottom of the glass, then a man stood in the mirror. He was gray; he wore a cool looking 40’s hat, a suit, and fancy shoes. Even wore a tie. His hands never left his side. We made eye contact and nothing more. Wide-eyed, I was too scared to move, but I yelled “Daddy! Daddy!”

He ran down the hallway to see what was wrong. I was a very quiet child, so yelling wasn’t my typical behavior. I pointed at the mirror. By the time he reached it, the man and fog disappeared. We both stared at our reflections and the objects in the background. I explained what happened. Of course, he didn’t believe me. Frustrated, I didn’t try to convince him any further, but you can best believe I never viewed that mirror the same way again. In fact, I avoided it at all costs. I would leave out the back door from then on.

Later (I don’t remember if it was weeks or months later), I took pictures of everything in my room. I got them developed and guess who was in one of them. The picture was a part of my red bunk bed with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle poster framed on the wall beside it. The same man from the mirror stood right beside the poster in the same position as before. His hands by his side and a serious facial expression. He didn’t look happy; he didn’t look mean. He was just there, even wearing his same outfit. My wall, bed, and poster was in color. The ghost was gray.

With proof, I showed mom my picture and explained the mirror incident. She didn’t believe me either! She claimed that the person at the store messed up the photos, accidentally merging two photos together from different customer’s stacks of photos. No way. What would be the odds of that?!

I couldn’t tell you if the man was Casper the friendly ghost or a vengeful ghost because he never said anything. I never saw him again after that. Who knows if he had mistaken me for someone else? If he needed something solved so his soul could be at rest? I was scared of being left alone at home though. Thankfully at the age of fifteen, we moved to a new house in the next town over.

So what do you guys think? Was the man real? Was it just my imagination? Was he really a ghost? Or was everything just a coincidence?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


6 thoughts on “I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts…Well Maybe I Am

  1. I believe you, Yawatta, and I think the guy was real. You should try gazing into a mirror and see if he’ll show up again. See if you can communicate with him. That would be interesting.

    • Hey Becki,
      Oh my goodness, I’d be too chicken to try that. You’ll make me scared to even glance in a mirror again LOL. The movie “Mirrors” with Kiefer Sutherland can be blamed for that.

      it would be wild though if he just popped up again. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do. Maybe I should invest in buying another digital camera and take random pictures…That’s a cool concept. I never even thought that he may have followed me all these years. I just assumed he had to stay in that area, that he couldn’t roam around. Thinking back, I wonder why he chose that day to appear. Why disappear the second my dad came around the corner? Why hang out in my room but not show himself?

      Thanks for believing me Becki. Since I love to research and look at theories through every different angle possible, I have a lot to do (me being an INTJ can be blamed for that).

      Keep smiling,

  2. I believe you, too. Moving doesn’t always solve the issue. “They” say, “people are haunted, not houses.” If you’ve seen one ghost, you’re bound to see another. Did you see any after this?

    • Hey Disa, thanks for believing me. Actually, while I was at WVU, there was a ghost in our dorm. In the 80’s, a 16 year old boy was visiting his older brother. They were drunk and the boy fell in the elevator shaft from the 10th floor. He died. I never saw the ghost but I felt his presence a few times in the lounge.

      At work, Leigh and I think there’s a ghost in the warehouse downstairs. One day we were gathering end rolls out of a box, and four end rolls flew at my legs. They hit my knees and landed on my feet like someone had flung them in mid-air. Right after the ghost tour of Sharpsburg, that night we were driving back to our town. We saw a man in a suit cross the road. He didn’t even bait an eye that a car was approaching him. He had a weird way of walking. Something was just off about him. Leigh and I thought he was a ghost–our fear heightened after the tour. The next day we found a website of Shepherdstown that documents ghost sightings. The man in the suit was one of them!

      Yikes, I’ve never heard “people are haunted, not houses.” I wonder why some are chosen…

      Keep smiling,

  3. Cool. There’s a whole series on the Destination America channel called the Ghosts of Shepherdstown, or something like that. Is that the same place? The whole town is haunted and the investigators listen to the towns people and investigate lots of places there. People call the cops to report ghost activity.

    I don’t know that some are chosen…I feel the more open you are, the more you will see. Some people just don’t pay attn to what’s around them.



    • Yeah, I live near Shepherdstown. Sharpsburg is right near it, which was near the Battle of Antietam took place. Many injured soldiers traveled to Shepherdstown and died there. I think that’s why it’s so haunted.

      I’m also near Charles Town and Harpers Ferry, WV, which is way more haunted than Shepherdstown.

      Keep smiling,

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