Book Review: Dreaming Of Him By Wendy Ely

One day I scanned Isabella Louise Anderson’s blog and found a feature on Dreaming of Him. I want to say either she did a book review herself or had the author as an interview. Either way, I liked the book’s description. Plus, the cover was hot! I was all in to try the book out, and I’m happy I did. I’m a sucker for romance even though I try to play it off like I’m not hee hee.

Dreaming Of Him is the twentieth book of my reading challenge. Here’s my thoughts:

The dark brings romance…and death.

Loneliness has clouded Amber Addaire’s life, but now she’s ready for a change. After a complete makeover still leaves her unhappy it’s only when she starts dreaming of an oddly familiar–and extremely handsome–man that she begins to feel happiness.

Trace Elkson is a spirit stuck on earth long enough to let his childhood friend, Amber Addaire, know how much she meant to him before he died. He can’t tell her what he is, or that he’s watching over her. He can only communicate with her through her dreams and hopes she will eventually realize who he is.

In the dream realm, Amber falls in love with Trace but can she figure out who he is and join him before his spirit is forced to move on?

WARNING: A deep friendship, impending death, and a life saved.

I liked this 3 chapter book. I like that the main character Amber was somewhat damaged; it made me feel sorry for her. Wendy Ely had a talent with characterization. I understood the characters’ motives, and all the personalities fleshed out, making it feel like I knew everyone in the story (even the supporting characters). Her job at Rich Chick reminded me of the show Jerseylicious. I’m a sucker for romance, so the entire time I was hoping that one day Amber and Trace could meet in real life.

My favorite lines were 1) Can you imagine finding your long lost friend? (something about that question got me thinking about my childhood friends and how we didn’t keep in touch) 2) While most people feared death, I welcomed the darkness 3) Sometimes rushing things ruin the situation (I admired Trace’s patience)

All the dream sequences were in italics, and sometimes the same phrase was repeated throughout one scene. For example, the story kept expressing that Amber wanted to meet Trace in person and why couldn’t she stop drinking so the dream entryway wouldn’t be blocked. Sometimes I wished the scene would just play out instead of keep reminding the reader of the same things.

I loved that Amber’s mom was the key to unlocking the secret of Trace’s identity. Not only do I enjoy romance, but I also enjoy mystery, especially when the author reveals the answer by the end of the book.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the book or the author:

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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