Day 60 of 90 Day Novel

I can’t believe it’s Day 60 already! Where did the time go? I’m still in the mindset of jotting down notes in the mornings then typing my scenes once I get home. The downside to that is I read part of my story before creating new scenes, which causes me to edit. A few days ago, I decided I didn’t like a scene in a particular character’s point of view, so I deleted it (YIKES!!!). I rewrote it in someone else’s perspective. Sure the story flows better now, but geeze louise, that set me back.

Right now, I finished with all the heavy-hitter scenes–basically the juicy plots. Now, I’m filling in the gaps with transitions and smaller plot points. I don’t know how far I’ll end up with word count at the end of 90 days, but I know I’ll have a completed first rough draft.

Even though writing is a passion of mine, I still believe in giving rewards/incentives to keep motivated. That’s why Melissa and I came up with the bright idea to have $1.99 margarita night at Las Trancas to celebrate reaching 40,000 words so far. The celebration happened to fall on Day 60 (only 30 more left. I wonder if the challenge will stay chill or get stressful like NaNo).

It was pretty fun. We laughed about how when we tell people our projects, they always think we’re in school because we talk about deadlines and word count. No, it isn’t homework. We joked a long time ago that we named our group The Procrastinators since if we didn’t give deadlines or projects, then we’d never start or finish anything hee hee. It’s just our way of keeping the momentum going.

More laugh out loud moments:

  • For some reason, Las Trancas has a kid’s menu for only children. No exceptions. Well, I’m a rebel at heart even though I’m not aggressive about it. I like to test my limits to see how much people will let me get away with. Not liking Mexican food, I wanted chicken tenders and fries off the kid’s menu. I stated this to Melissa, and she convinced the waiter to let me order it. He was hesitant at first, but no one can say no to a Leo’s charms hee hee. We joked that he risked his job for me, then gave me dirty looks throughout the meal.
  • This was my first time ever with a full drink. I guess I don’t only eat slow; I drink very slow as well. It was funny because the margarita glass would not empty. Maybe I took sips from the straw instead of gulps. I don’t know, but I honestly thought I’d never finish.

Who knows, maybe our conversation or events we witnessed weren’t really funny? Maybe it was the margaritas playing tricks on us? All I know is I giggled a lot, talked loudly even though I tried to whisper (an older gentleman with a mullet caught my attention), and had a good time.

I didn’t let the fact that I had jury duty the next morning ruin my night. Even though that was another thing to laugh about: my bad luck.

When I got home, I worked on my story. I’m still iffy on the characters’ names and a little disappointed that I don’t have any working titles yet. Hopefully, I’ll think of something soon.

For all the writers out there, do you give yourself rewards for finishing a project or deadline? What’s the most interesting one you gave yourself?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

7 thoughts on “Day 60 of 90 Day Novel

  1. I love going to yard sales. There is something fun about finding treasures among someone else’s “junk”. I usually end up finding something unique and fun that goes along with what I’m writing. So my reward is usually yard sale cash. 🙂

  2. The last three years I managed to complete NaNoWriMo. I was at Uni, so usually tried to get my mates together for a night out. Last year, when I finished the first draft of my (to date) favourite novel by me, I did the same. For me, it was a way of just relaxing after hitting that all important word count.
    After handing in my last Creative Writing piece, my friends and I went for a well deserved Carvery. We then went on an impromtu road trip to a nearby beach, and spent the day acting like kids. (We even had bubbles!)

    • Cool beans! That sounds like a fun way to celebrate. I love road trips. And deep down, I think we all still wish we were younger LOL

      Keep smiling,

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