Book Review: The Arrangement By Delaney Diamond

The Arrangement is the nineteenth book of my reading challenge. One day I wrote a guest post for Sharon C. Cooper’s blog, focusing on the reader’s perspective of a sex scene. I liked Delaney Diamond’s comment, so I wandered over to her site. Most of her book descriptions were up my alley, so I decided to give one of them a try. I’m happy I did because I’m a fan!

Here’s my thoughts:

Brazilian millionaire, Leonardo da Silva, is still seething from when his African-American wife, Alexa, walked out on him four months ago. Now she’s in his office asking for a business loan to help her brother. Instead of a loan, he’s willing to give her the money, but only if she resumes her role as his wife for the next two months. She reluctantly agrees, and she soon finds herself wishing their arrangement was permanent. But when she finds out about Leonardo’s betrayal, there may be no way for them to mend their broken marriage.

I loved this 9 chapter book. It hooked me from the very first opening scene all the way to the epilogue. Let me tell ya, this story was hot and steamy! I loved all the sexual tension from the main characters Leonardo (a.k.a. Leo) and Alexa. Yeah, he was probably a controlling jerk but I found myself keep giving him passes. In fact, he was my favorite character. I enjoyed knowing that he was still in love with her (in fact never stopped) while she had her doubts. The whole time I rooted for them to get over the misunderstanding. To communicate better. It was so sweet that Leo was attentive to Alexa’s needs after she expressed what he did wrong in the past. He worked on trying to fix the future because he couldn’t change the past.

Luckily they didn’t patch up their communication problem because that read for a very entertaining story. My favorite books are the ones who share more than one point-of-view; it allows the readers to know the character’s secrets, motives before the other characters. Like we’re in on a little secret.

The author Delaney Diamond has a brilliant talent for plot, voice, and basically overall description. The way she vividly described everything and kept the tension, action going  helped me get lost in the story, helped me get lost in the fantasy of it all. In fact, I read it while at a cafe and the lady near me asked what I was reading because I was intensely focused on it. After I told her what I’ve read so far, she said “Sounds juicy. Now, I see why you’re lost in it.” Did I mention all the steamy moments? I swear there may have been some drool coming out of my mouth hee hee.

I enjoyed their back and forth. My favorite lines were: “He still wanted her to the point of distraction, and despite acting as if she were being sentenced to the guillotine, he knew she wanted him too.”, “I don’t usually give orgasms to people I’m trying to get back at,” Leonardo said dryly.”, and “She had loved her husband, but it was clear she was only secondary in his life. His business was his real wife.”

After reading, I’m a huge fan of Delaney Diamond’s writing style, and I can’t wait to read more of her work. This story was definitely a fast read.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on the book or the author:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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