Day 41 of 90 Day Novel Challenge

This morning I had writer’s block while trying to concentrate in Java. My mind was too distracted and I couldn’t calm it down. It’s my own fault for not going to bed at a decent hour last night. Oh well, that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Hopefully, by the time I reach home, I’ll be ready to finish my scene.

Normally, I write in the mornings. I’m motivated, hardly looking up from my paper. Then I go home to type it, sometimes including something extra if I’m in the mood. I’ve decided not to print this novel bits at a time like I usually do. When I hold the paper in my hand, it keeps me motivated because I see my story’s progress, I see it growing. This time, I’ll just wait until I’m finished my first draft since I’m writing out of order.

For some reason, the middle section is speaking to me more than the beginning. This story is fun to write. The female main character is the total opposite of me; she’s flirtatious and seductive. She can get whatever she wants from men without even trying. To help with showing rather than telling, I researched flirty body language, ways to know men/women are attracted to each other, when to notice they lost interest, with Google.

  • It’s been interesting creating those scenes. In a nutshell, this novel is about a love triangle. I write from the woman and the two guys’ perspectives. The girl will end up deciding she doesn’t want any of them; she’d rather be alone. One guy will respect that while the other guy will become a clingy mess.
  • I noticed the majority of my stories (novels, writing prompts, short stories) involve the guy pursuing a relationship but the girl hesitates. I wonder what that says about me…

Since I’m not concerned with word count this time around, it’s been less stressful. I’m confident that I’ll have a finished product on Day 90. I don’t care how long it takes to copy and paste a new document. Even though I’m focused on this new novel, I still wonder about One By One. I still haven’t heard from my betas yet. I feel vulnerable and exposed, which is hard for a shy person. I can’t wait to get feedback, so I can feel normal again. I hate not knowing; the suspense is killing me.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

10 thoughts on “Day 41 of 90 Day Novel Challenge

  1. At the rate you’re going, I’m sure you’ll have a finished product in 90 days! Hang in there. And as for the beta readers, maybe you can shoot them a friendly follow up email to see how the readings going. 🙂

    • Hey Sharon,
      I only gave it to them last Wednesday. It’s not their fault that I’m impatient LOL. I was thinking give at least 3 weeks–if I don’t hear anything, then I’ll contact them.

      Keep smiling,

      • Lol! I was thinking that they’d had it for weeks…and I thought I was impatient. Lol! I think giving them 3 weeks before inquiring is a good idea. Hang in there. 🙂

      • I talked to my beta from my hometown. He said he could give it back to me next Wednesday (exactly 3 weeks). Had the conversation this morning like he could read my mind LOL.

        Keep smiling,

  2. Yawatta! Hi! I posted the winners. I have to tell you that none of them got the correct answer, but I decided to award them their free eBook copy anyway just for showing such interest! Thank you always! Best Regards, R. Rodriguez

    On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 2:30 PM, yawattahosby

  3. I was wondering how the writing was going! I’m on day 28 which means I FINALLY get to start writing tomorrow! I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself! I haven’t done any of the writing exercises this week, but I am planning on doing today’s. I’ve spent this week imagining and outlining. And after 28 days of questions, I’m just ready to write!

    • Hey Poppy,
      Have fun with it! On my first day of writing the rough draft, I couldn’t put the pen down, like I had to get all my scenes inside my head down on paper. The first week was that rush, then I calmed down the second week.

      Keep me posted on how your journey goes 🙂

      Keep smiling,

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