Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Creative Writing Prompts Are Here To Stay

School is back in session! I remember my first writer’s group meeting where I introduced myself as a creative writing instructor. At the end of it, they never really described what they do or what they’re about (red flag–they were a critique group disguised as a writing group), so I asked them if they assign exercises or anything. One of the ladies exclaimed, “We don’t have homework!”

A total dig. I could have been catty and said, “Apparently you need some, since you can’t grasp the constructive criticism people were telling you.” Instead I chose to laugh it off. No need to make waves on my first day. Who am I kidding? I’m nonconfrontational.

Anyway, this post has a point. I took a hiatus on writing creative prompts (or exercises)–so sorry–but I’m back now. Today, the one I left off on (celebrity nagged by fan) will be due on Tuesday.

Prompts help. I promise if you’re stuck with writer’s block or bored with your writing routine, try writing prompts. Go crazy. Be silly. Experiment. They can be useful later to create novel or short story ideas. For example, ‘the Vegas marriage’ prompt interests me enough to base a short story off of it. From ‘someone says no’, I can see a novel coming from it. It was going to be my NaNo inspiration in November; however, I think it’d be wise to turn Trapped into a novel.

When I submitted that short story to my writer’s group (well, my old writer’s group because I quit due to all the tension. They had a clique already formed and weren’t welcoming to newcomers), most of the feedback I received was expanding on it, revealing the beginning of Finia and Miki’s relationship. Especially the act of him sabotaging her birth control to trick her into getting pregnant. I might as well try it with NaNo while it’s fresh in my mind.

Who knows how many story ideas will evolve from these creative writing prompts. I’m excited to see!

For all the writers out there, do you give yourself writing exercises? Or do you feel like they’re a waste of time?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

5 thoughts on “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Creative Writing Prompts Are Here To Stay

  1. Yup…use writing prompts for most of my Short Stories. I have several going at one time so I can swap to whichever one I’m in the mood to write on. Also, I just found [url=http://www.thefirstline.com/index.htm]The First Line[/url]. They give you the first line and you go from there. Fun exercises. My writing partner and I recently started challenging each other with writing prompts. Fun for all!

    • I’ll check out that link. It sounds cool. The problem with me is my mind goes wild with all different kinds of scenarios, so if the topic is too broad, I’m all over the place LOL. Writing prompts are definitely fun!

      Keep smiling,

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  3. I like writing prompts. I think sometimes they can really help spark off a great idea – for the last few years, I’ve been steadily working my way through the 100 Themes Challenge Variation One (found on deviantart), and found it very, very useful for working out some ideas or etching out a scene for a novel later on. Recently, I’ve been working on A Night At The Opera – a series of short stories based on the album by Queen. My own form of writing prompts.

    • Hey WonderingGrace,
      It’s cool that you’ve been dedicated to the 100 Themes Challenge. I know writing prompts help a lot with creating story ideas. Great minds think alike–I’ve also tried my hand in creating my own writing prompts.

      Keep smiling,

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