Book Review: Chastity- An Eternal Beloved Novel By R. Rodriguez

Chastity Ann Chadwick is a self proclaimed teenage femme fatale who lives in the small sailing town of Seaport Harbor. She’s a boy eater who uses pleasure to numb the pain of her unfortunate circumstances. Little does she know, she’s on a certain path to self destruction when one of her romantic escapades gets out of hand. Life as she knows it will never be the same. Her only solace comes from an unanticipated liaison with the new mysterious guy in school. Her hopes are shattered when she realizes her newfound life is not what it seems. She will only find redemption by searching for her own truth.

I enjoyed this 20 chapter book. It was told through Chastity’s first person point-of-view account, so readers get to be surprised, confused, delighted, etc. when the character does. Even though she’s the main character, I felt that I got to know everyone in the story–let me tell ya, there were a lot of villains (mainly her family). But that’s what made the story interesting, finding out the bad people’s motives.

I felt sorry for Chastity. Her mom and grandma made her feel worthless. Her own biological father wouldn’t claim her because he was in politics and her biological sister made it her mission to try to upstage her in school everyday and throw the abandonment in her face.  No wonder Chastity had low self-esteem.

Jared was my favorite character. I loved that he treated her with respect and tried to help her find her self-worth. High school can be difficult (some of the scenes made me flashback to my horrible moments in the hallways). I loved the angle that her boyfriend and his best friend were fighting over her affections, then she was like forget both of you, I’m moving on to the new boy in school.

My favorite moments were: at night, her stalker (boyfriend’s best friend) got too rough with Chastity in the car, Chastity meeting Jared at his auto shop, the ending.

R. Rodriguez has a talent with plot structure. There were no boring moments in the novel. In fact, towards the end, it really started to pick up. There’s a huge plot twist that I never saw coming! It startled me (in a good way). Wish I could give it away, but I can’t spoil the novel hee hee.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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