Book Review: The Last Echo-A Body Finder Novel By Kimberly Derting

In the end, all that’s left is an Echo.

Before, Violet’s morbid ability to sense the dead led her to uncover dark murders and long-buried secrets in her small town. Now that she’s working with a special investigative team, Violet hopes she can help even more people–whether by saving a life or catching a killer.

Although she’s relieved to finally be honest about what she can do, her instant connection with her mysterious partner, Rafe, is both confusing and unsettling, and their unique bond creates tension with her boyfriend, Jay. When she discovers the body of a college student murdered by “the collector,” Violet refuses to give up on the case. With her own relationship on the line, Violet doesn’t realize that the serial killer is looking to add to his collection and that she may have caught his eye. Will the life Violet has to save be her own?

I loved this 26 chapter book. I have to admit it took me by surprise at first because I didn’t know the majority of the characters would be teenagers. I thought Violet would be a grown woman, but this didn’t ruin the story for me at all. Maybe I enjoy the young adult genre (never really had been my cup of tea) after all.

I’m all about love triangles so my favorite scenes were whenever Violet interacted with Rafe and Jay. I could relate to Rafe because he’s a loner (he reminded me of Dean Winchester or Alex Karev), and Violet because she hates secrets. The sections with Caine, the killer, were also interesting. He was so creepy that he gave me the chills. I always say the scariest fiction is reading about something that can happen in real life. And, unfortunately, women can be the object of  affection for an obsessed psycho.

My favorite line was: “Didn’t they say that most victims were attacked by people they knew?” That statement took me a moment to reflect. And, I’ll never look at coffee shops the same way again. I enjoyed the friendship between Violet and Krystal.  The twist at the end shocked me in a good way! Dr. Lee was a shrink she had to see to keep her feelings in check after going through her supernatural powers; Dr. Lee, I didn’t know you had that in you at the end.

The author did a fabulous job with plot. From beginning to end, the story was a page turner for me. I couldn’t put the book down, sitting at the edge of my seat. The characters were three-dimensional and well thought out. Plus, I got a kick out of all the tension and conflict in the story. Gemma–a member on the team–disliked Violet and didn’t hide it from her.
The book is definitely a fast read.

The only thing I was confused about was why all of Caine’s sections were italicized. Is that a new trend for novels? The story was told through Violet’s third person point-of-view perspective except when it was Caine’s turn.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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