The Procrastinators Goals

Since NaNo was a success (we finished critiquing each others’ story around the same time), we decided not to wait to try the 90 day challenge of writing a novel. When I say “we”, I mean Melissa (my writing buddy) and I. Tomorrow starts the big day; I’m really excited! Our goal is to keep producing novels, to keep each other motivated. So after 90 day challenge, we’ll have a little bit of time before the official NaNo starts. Might as well do that too; if we post on the website, we have a chance to win. To get our name out there.

  • I can handle it. We’ll be pursuing these projects while editing our NaNo novels. I would hope by three months I’d be finished. I won’t be naive as my first novel when I assumed it only took a couple of weeks. Boy was I wrong. Anyway, we also want to write a screenplay somewhere in the middle of all of this. Or maybe after NaNo is over. Robin was nice enough to give us tips. Movies that are cheap to film (stay in one location, shoot in daytime for majority of it) are more likely to be brought. Something useful to keep in mind.

Wish us luck!

For the 90 day challenge, there’s certain steps that need to be followed. The first month–absolutely no writing the draft is allowed. You can only focus on structure and stream-of-consciousness questions, basically in-depth character sketches. At the end of this month, you begin outlining.

For the second and third month, you create your first draft into three different acts (the same concept as a screenplay):

  • Act I–opening, dilemma, inciting incident, opposing argument
  • Act II–false victory, midpoint, hero suffers, end of Act II
  • Act III–hero accepts reality of situation, action, battle scene, equilibrium

Cool beans–this 90 day novel challenge will give us practice on the structures of screenplay writing. I’m used to it, but it’ll be my first time with a partner :). I’m a team player, so I should be alright hee hee. This will also help me get back into the mood of writing, instead of just editing. I should have time to go back to writing creative prompts again; keeping my fingers crossed.

It feels good to work with people who are on the same page as you. Who want the same goals as you. Who has the same passion and can help keep you motivated.

We call ourselves The Procrastinators, but as you can probably tell, we’re far from it :).

For all the writers out there, do you have any future projects you’re working on?

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

11 thoughts on “The Procrastinators Goals

    • I always tell myself it’s not a race. It’s about quality instead of quantity. At least you have a date picked out. It’ll keep you motivated to reach your goal.

      Darla, what’s your novel about?

      Keep smiling,

      • Back in January I started writing a short story to see what I could learn, and found that I didn’t want to stop. So, after encouragement from readers, I’ve decided to work it into a novel. It’s a coming-of-age story about Ruthie, a 12-year-old girl who’s on a mission to stop a shady newcomer from destroying her family. Here’s a link to the original short story. — My original aim was to focus on Ruthie and what she learns about herself through her Boy quest. Now I’m developing a plot, which centers around Ruthie’s fight to keep her family intact. Thanks for your interest.

      • That story sounds interesting. It’d be cool to see if only Ruthie figures the con men out, or if the other family members are wise to his/her game too.

        I’ll check out your link. Happy writing!

        Keep smiling,

      • Cool beans. That makes the story even more interesting. I can picture all the tension filled scenes because no one may not believe her, etc.

        Keep smiling,

  1. Since I went to New York in January I’ve been working on my historical book regarding a whole lot of events that helped to bring more safety rules into our lives and save more people from terrible fates. It’s been a struggle but writers group helps a bunch to keep me motivated.

    • That’s cool that you’re writing group keeps you motivated. I love New York!!! It’s my favorite place in the world. Is your historical book nonfiction or fiction?

      Keep smiling,

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