Creative Writing Prompt #1

6/1/12 Prompt

Begin a story with a character saying

“The first time I wore…”

“The first time I wore my RA shirt, I wanted to take it off and throw it at you guys.” Yvonne shook her head. “You guys were so bad, sneaking alcohol on the floor the first two nights. I wanted to quit.”

Jason smiled. “You can’t leave us. You love us too much.”

Yvonne rolled her eyes.

“We love you too,” Jason encouraged.

“Yeah, you love to drive me crazy.”

Carla nudged Jason’s arm. “Don’t let Yvonne fool you. People on this floor complete her.” She imitated a heart shape with her hands.

Everyone laughed. Carla was an RA for the 8th floor, which consisted of only females. To get away from the cattiness and boredom, she’d often escape to Yvonne’s lounge to hang out with her and her male residents. Every floor was co-ed, except 8th.

People often joked that Jason spent too much time with RAs, but he didn’t seem to care. Once, Carla told Yvonne she thought he had a crush on Yvonne, but she just brushed the news off. The whole ‘if you avoid the issue, then it’ll disappear’ thing.

Deciding it was time to decorate the bulletin board, Yvonne went to her room to gather her materials,  then walked back out into the lounge. She scooted her chair to face the board by the elevators while the others continued their conversation.

It was almost the end of second semester–a bittersweet moment. On one hand, it was great for vacation. However, she’d miss everyone. After this  year, they wouldn’t be Yvonne’s kids any more.

Busy at work, she cut the paper, so it’d line up properly in the bulletin. Randy turned the corner. “What ya doing, Yvonne?”

“Hanging up superlatives.”

He stepped closer, scanning the papers on the chair. Yvonne bent over to pick another one up. “Hey everyone, get your lazy asses out here! Yvonne’s putting up superlatives!” He grinned, not moving from his spot, which was directly behind her.

Yvonne smiled. She enjoyed company. All of a sudden, several boys rushed to stand behind her. Then another group appeared. “Keep this up and we’ll be able to call this a floor program,” she joked.

“We’ll stay as long as you need us to, but you have to buy us pizza,” Randy offered.

“I’ll talk to Aidan to see what he says.” Aidan was her co-RA. They couldn’t have a floor program using part of the budget if both RAs weren’t present.

Yvonne was flattered and shocked that the guys, of all people, were interested that much in the superlatives results. If anything, she assumed her girls would be more into it.

She bent down, hard at work, not even paying attention to the people behind her. She was too nervous. Her male residents were cute–hence why Carla was always in the lounge with her. After the last page was taped to the wall, Yvonne turned around.

The boys moaned and pouted. “You’re done already? That was too fast,” Bradley, a huge flirt, said.

“Sorry. At least, you can see the finished product now.”

Bradley extended his hand, helping Yvonne jump to the ground. To her surprise, the boys scattered back to their rooms quickly. Randy pushed the elevator button and left. Why didn’t they stay and read the superlatives?

Just like that, Yvonne, Carla, and Jason were left alone again.

Yvonne pushed her chair back to the table. She looked out the window at some guys playing basketball.

“Yvonne, I can see your ass,” Carla said.

Turning her head, she asked, “What?”

Carla smiled, nudging Jason’s shoulder. “I can see both your butt cheeks.”

Yvonne covered the gigantic holes in the back of her jeans with the palm of her hands. She bit her lip. “Damn, I thought this long shirt would cover that up.”

“Wrong.” Jason imitated a buzzer going off, a loud and annoying buzzer. “You don’t dress like an RA.”

Yvonne looked down at her navy blue Hooters shirt and light blue jeans with flip-flops. “Why didn’t you tell me you could see my butt before?”

“The thought never occurred to me,” Carla replied. “Don’t act like you didn’t like the guys’ attention earlier.” She smirked.

Yvonne hid her grin. Of course, she had, but there was no way she’d let Jason know that. Her guys would never let her live it down. “At least, it was nice of Randy to share the view.”

The women chuckled.

Jason didn’t look impressed. “So, are we eating before the cafeteria closes or what?”

Carla stood. “I’m down.”

Jason folded his arms across his chest. “Well, are you gonna change?”

“The day’s almost over; what’s the point?” Yvonne shrugged her shoulders.

He frowned, rising from his seat. They made their way  to the elevator. The next time she’d wear these jeans, she’d either have tights underneath or wrap a sweatshirt around her waist. Problem solved.


**If anyone would like to share their take on this creative writing prompt, email me at Author.Yawatta.Hosby(AT)aol(DOT)com.**

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Prompt #1

    • Thanks Dittymonster,
      That incident was tame considering all the things her boys always put Yvonne through LOL. Remember the time I told you two boys kidnapped me across the street? Now, I just outed that I’m “Yvonne”. If my former residents can figure out who’s who in this story, please don’t sue LOL.

      Keep smiling,

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