Book Review: Run Like Hell By Elena Andrews

One day I browsed the Announcements section on Absolute Write where Elena promoted that she just published her book. There were a couple of AWers who promised to check it out. But, one really caught my eye. The person had said they changed their mind because they didn’t like the book cover (or something like that).

Elena took that news like a champ, yet I was flabbergasted. If you hear the book description and it interests you, then who cares what the book cover looks like? That person had a right to their opinion, but I thought it was kind of a lame excuse.

Anyway, I normally don’t read young adult novels, but the premise sounded intriguing. Plus, for NaNo, I just finished writing a thriller, so I’m on the look-out for other thrillers. That whole ‘read the genre you’re interested in writing for’. I’m happy I went out my comfort zone to buy it.

Run Like Hell is the sixteenth book of my reading challenge. Here’s my thoughts:

What if the perfect party plans didn’t work out so perfectly?

In this young adult thriller, seventeen-year-old Morgan Butler is finally alone. Her parents are out of town and she has a romantic night planned with her boyfriend after attending the party-of-the-year. And her aunt is conveniently working late and will stop by the following day to check on her.

All her plans are falling into place. But on the way to the party, her car runs out of gas.

Stranded on a dark, desolate road with no money, no gas and a dead cell phone, Morgan makes a decision with dangerous consequences…

Now she must fight, claw, scratch and scream…and then run like hell to survive.

But will she get away?

I enjoyed this 12 chapter book. The opening scene was very impressive. The first sentence was someone saying, “No, don’t die on me now!” It grabbed my attention right away, and my senses were already heightened from the get-go. Turned out the car engine died because Morgan ran out of gas. I was blown away by the fake-out and couldn’t wait to read more.

What’s one of the biggest fears women face? Mine is being stranded alongside a deserted road with no cell phone reception at night. Morgan endured this–except her phone battery died–and I could relate to her fear. She tried to be responsible and do the right thing. She turned down Brian’s offer to take her to a gas station. But cars kept driving past without stopping. To up the creep factor, Brian drove by and stopped again. Running out of options, Morgan hopped into his car.

  • The red flag for me was that he was acting too nice, being too persistent that she needed to get in his car. If he really wanted to help, he could’ve filled up gas in those red containers then drove back. I was beyond scared when he drove past a gas station. Lights were on, cars in the parking lot–he had the nerve to say it was closed. Brian was nice and polite until Morgan kept asking him to stop the car and let her out. That trigger made him snap.

In survival mode, Morgan managed to escape with cuts and bruises along the way. She was able to physically leave the nightmare, yet she couldn’t get away from Brian’s creepy, obsessive, crazy, demented world. Living in her neighborhood (unbeknownst to her), he was relentless with his stalking and psychological warfare. Chills ran down my spine during this entire novel. Of course, ghosts and horror stories are spooky, but I think the most frightening stories are the ones that describe what can happen in real life. A woman can be stalked by a crazed man. Poor Morgan didn’t even do anything. I loved the twisted reveal of why her. Why Morgan?

This novel was written in Morgan’s first person point-of-view in the present tense, which created the thriller, action, suspense, sitting-on-edge-of-seat feel right in readers’ faces. The author has a brilliant talent with characterization and setting a mood with description. She managed to capture the teen mentality of enduring pain to keep quiet, so her social life wouldn’t be ruined. I wanted to smack some sense into Morgan LOL–she can’t enjoy her friends if she’s dead! I loved getting a sense of Morgan’s motives throughout the story. I liked her sense of style; she was a hoodie girl, reminded me of a cute tomboy.

Run Like Hell was definitely a fast read. I got lost in the story, picturing it as a movie. I could see Emma Roberts as Morgan and Kieran Culkin as Brian. It’s worth reading to see if Brian succeeds in ending Morgan’s life. I think the very last line of the story summed things up perfectly–in fact, it was my favorite line. Can’t reveal it though because I can’t give away the ending.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

For more information on Elena Andrews, please visit:

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Run Like Hell By Elena Andrews

    • Hey Elena,
      Your book was one of the first young adult novels I tried. I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate to the characters since I’m older, but you made me change my mind :). I loved Morgan–that’s why I wanted to slap some sense into her so she could remain safe LOL.

      After reading your novel, I’ll definitely keep trying out young adult genre.

      Keep smiling,

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