Day 26 (Nap Should Be My Middle Name)

MAY 5TH – 1,020 WORDS

Next time I know better than to think I’ll be in and out of a hair salon. I’ll bring my writing notebooks with me just in case. Since I wasn’t prepared today, I couldn’t begin NaNo until 5:45 PM. I tried to concentrate, but my mind kept drifting to the fact that my stylist asked me if I wanted to dye my gray hairs. I know I have some–didn’t know it was that bad. They’ve crept in my bangs and in front of my hair. I’ve always been called an old soul, but sheesh!

Anyway, back to NaNo. I was on a roll yet couldn’t keep my eyes open. I took a nap at 8:15 PM and didn’t wake up until 11:55 PM, so I missed the majority of the day. Oh well, I’ll just make up tomorrow. I’ve never been so sleepy like this; I think it’s because I’m technically not a morning person. I get up in the wee hours of the morning, keep nodding off in mid-afternoon, and once evening hits, I’m knocked out, but always up in time for my shows. I’m like a newborn baby who can’t function with the correct sleeping schedule.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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