Day 23 (Oopsie)


Kindle was calling my name. I couldn’t resist it, so I carried it with me all day in my purse. At Jumpin’ Java instead of doing the responsible thing of writing, I decided to enjoy my free time and read one of the books for my reading challenge.

Of course, when I got home, I was beyond tired. I started writing at 6:45 PM, but the scene just wasn’t capturing my interest. I only wrote for like 30 minutes then I called it quits. Oopsie. It’s time to take up on my offer of I’ll just make it up on the weekend.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


2 thoughts on “Day 23 (Oopsie)

    • Hey Darla,
      For the end of Day 23, I’m at 37,200 words. Tomorrow at midnight will be my last day, and I can successfully say I’ll reach 50,000 by then. I’ll add more blog posts about it. Won’t finish my story tomorrow though because only at 2nd victim–have 7 more to go.

      Keep smiling,

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