Day 22 (Temptation)

MAY 1ST – 1,726 WORDS

It was so fun at Jumpin’ Java in the morning. I love acting silly instead of writing. Besides it’s good to hear Melissa and Robin’s progress with their NaNo experience. I know it’s best for me to write in the mornings because about time I reach home, I’m tired, but Tuesdays and Fridays are still my favorite days–don’t care if writing isn’t accomplished in the mornings.

At home, I downloaded about 6 ebooks for my reading challenge. You have no idea how excited I’ll be for NaNo to finish, so I can have free time to start reading again. I still have to post my book review of the story I read last month. So behind. I was really tempted to not write tonight. It’s so easy to say I’ll just make it up over the weekend; however, I got my act together and put my kindle away. Oh how hard it was to do. At 8 PM, I began creating my new scenes for my story.

It’s really flowing now…panic, deceit, paranoia. Very fun to write even though I’d rather be reading LOL.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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