Day 20 (Trying To Turn Off Inner-Editor)

APRIL 29TH – 1,720 WORDS

Another busy day. What’s up? My weekends are usually relaxing. I woke up at 6:30 AM because I was supposed to meet my dad and aunt to go hiking in Harpers Ferry. Thank goodness they canceled LOL. I’m not an outdoorsy person at all, especially one who enjoys walking on trails. Has my family ever heard of mountain lions? I figured I could go to get exercise, and I need to experience the world, so my characters aren’t stuck in a bubble when I create their surroundings and hobbies. Oh well. Next time.

  • I woke up for nothing, but the plus (instead of always being a negative nancy, I’m working on finding the positives in situations as well) was I wrote for an hour. The weekends are my time to sleep in, so I got more shut eye at 7:30. Then, I was offered the option of shopping again; of course, I said yes. That left me away from home for a good while.

Besides NaNo, I also needed to edit my story I’m submitting to the writing contest. That took up a good chunk of my time when I arrived home. I really doubted that I could reach my word count goal. Once editing was finished, I was spent. There was no way I could use my brain for anything else. I deserved a break, a relax day–I could make up word count later.

Fortunately, I talked myself out of stalling and went to work. Since the action was picking up, it’s getting tricky to pick which character’s point-of-view I want to use in particular scenes. I’m trying to give the people who die early in the story a chance to have their personalities flesh out, so they get a lot of scenes in their perspectives. I’ll work on the other characters later.

  • Another thing I’ve noticed was that I’m not staying consistent with my characters’ personalities. It all goes back to I didn’t get a chance to know them intimately and personally before starting my rough draft. I’m learning about them the same time as writing. So I’ll have a lot of editing to do hee hee. For example, in earlier chapters, Logan grew up in the woods and was familiar with navigating his way around. In later chapters, I forgot that aspect and have him scared of being lost. Definitely need to change that.

Melissa, Robin, and I decided after NaNo is over, we’ll be participating in NaNoEdMo where we take 30 days to edit our stories (50 hours). This will be cool. After those revisions are complete, then I’ll feel comfortable letting critique partners view my story. Not before.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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