Day 19 (Making Up For Yesterday)

APRIL 28TH – 2,724 WORDS

I originally thought I’d have all day to write. I didn’t have any plans or anything. But boy was I wrong. I went shopping all day again–leaving since the morning. I brought a computer stand at Schewels (I couldn’t resist). Finally, I made it home in the early evening, but I was tired so decided to take a nap.

Today wasn’t looking so good for meeting my goal. Since I slacked off yesterday, I wanted to make up the additional 825 words besides the 1,666 goal. But for some reason, I acted like a rebel and couldn’t get my hand to cooperate with my brain, refusing to write even though it’s all in my head ready to be jotted down.

  • I learned my lesson–stop slacking off because a day could become busy without planning on it. I was going to call it quits (funny since I never started in the first place) and just work on it tomorrow. That’s my problem, there’s no urgency because I already know how everything works out. I’m not worried about being behind in word count because I know eventually I’ll make it up.
  • Writing is the easy part; the hard part is actually starting the writing process. It seems like there’s something better I could be doing with my time. But once I get started, then it flows out of me so easily.

I started NaNo at 7:15 PM. It was slow at first because I couldn’t stop thinking about other things. I even scolded myself thinking I wouldn’t reach my goal again. However, I did. Yea me!!! I busted my butt off in one sitting–no breaks or anything. Once I put my mind on something, then I can do it.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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