Day 18 (Procrastinator)


It’s great having an hour and 15 minutes to spare at the train station (no sarcasm). Even though it’s early in the morning and I’m barely awake, I can get a lot of writing accomplished. I sat in my corner, put on my IPOD, and concentrated with no distractions. I had written a decent amount before even meeting Melissa and Robin at Jumpin’ Java.

I just got out of my funk, but now they’re in it. It’s sad that we aren’t on the same page at the moment. But no one has quit, so that’s a plus.

My dad came to visit me, and I had my story spread out over my desk. I’m in the process of typing everything, so I’ve been busy. Anyway, he grabbed for my stack of papers, lifting the first page up. I automatically snatched it like I had no impulse control. Dad joked that I almost took his arm off. No one reads my first draft. No one hee hee. I didn’t realize how very protective I am of my story until then. I told him if he wants to know more about NaNo, then read my blog.

The scene I’m on now was fun to write. Characters’ true personalities come out in fear. Even though I find myself motivated while I’m writing, it’s hard to actually get there. I stall and procrastinate like no other. Like today, I went shopping literally all day once I got off of work. At TJ Maxx, I brought this awesome messenger bag (reasonably priced); I’m going for a more professional look. Can’t go to TJ Maxx without going to Books-A-Million and Target too. I never thought I’d say this, but I love Martinsburg. I ended up purchasing this hippie looking clipboard/half folder. I couldn’t resist because it’s the perfect thing to hold my rough drafts in.

During shopping, the scenes were in my head what I could create next. Unfortunately, I got home and didn’t write anything. I had to eat. Then, I couldn’t miss Supernatural. Plus, I wanted to save on the electric bill by not turning on any lights. Yes, that’s a lame excuse but it’s one I’m giving hee hee.

I was tired, so I ended up going to bed at 10:30. I figured I could make up my word count over the weekend.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


3 thoughts on “Day 18 (Procrastinator)

  1. We must be sisters LOL! Procrastinator. Yup, that’d be me!! I will sit on my bed, with my iPad and play Bejeweled Butterflies for HOURS all the while saying to myself “I should be writing. I should be writing.” smh… I call it a prerequisite for being an author. All of the authors I know personally do and the author blogs/websites I read say they do too! How did you make out with NaNo? Hope it was a win for you!!

    • Hey Kymberleigh,
      Yeah procrastination is definitely a writer’s dream LOL. I’m on Day 25, so I still have a little ways to go, but I’ll meet the challenge. Watch I probably jinxed myself. When I don’t meet my 1,666 goal, I usually make it up the very next day, so I’m pretty caught up with everything.

      Keep smiling,

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