Day 17 (Out Of My Element)

APR. 26TH – 2,077 WORDS

This morning was really a test, let me tell ya. The guy I went to high school with (mentioned him earlier) sat in my seat at Jumpin’ Java. And, I know technically it’s not my seat, but come on. Due to my OCB, my comfort zone was all off. I kept trying to concentrate on writing, but kept wondering if he did it on purpose! Even had his pen and paper writing himself. We never talked in high school, so why would he try to get my attention now? I pondered this the whole time because I couldn’t really focus even through I jotted words on the paper.

Then, oh my goodness, I ordered my peanut butter and jelly; it had a big, ole, nasty pickle on the plate taunting me. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate pickles. If I smell them, I lose my appetite. Ugh so gross. I threw my food away, and pickle juice fell onto my foot (I wore flip-flops). I almost threw up; you have no idea how bad it was today, smelling pickle all day. Couldn’t wash my foot because I didn’t have lotion–can’t walk around with one ashy foot.

Plus, I was still sick. Could my day get any worse? If I could write a little over 1,000 words through all of those distractions, then I can only imagine how productive I can be when putting my head down and getting to work. During my lunch break, I wrote also. Had lost my appetite from the medicine I was taking. I figured the more I wrote now, the less I’d have to write at home. I was so tired and just wanted to go to bed (after Vampire Diaries of course).

By the time I reached home, I had already jotted down about 1,182 words. So I sucked it up and wrote more. I’m at a scene that really interests me. The characters finally came across the first dead body. Dun, dun, dun…I think I stalled writing that part because I figured once I get to the killings, it’s basically a straight shot. And, I’ll be done my story in a short amount of time. I think the days left of NaNo I should finish at the right mark, instead of finishing early.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

6 thoughts on “Day 17 (Out Of My Element)

  1. Hey Darla,
    I’m on Day 21 and you have no idea how much I’m counting down the days LOL. The good news is that I’ll probably have more to write about after 50,000, so this will be my first novel longer than that. So exciting.

    Keep smiling,

    • LOL. I think it’s because they stink so bad; the smell assaults my senses when I’m trying to eat. Plus, that nasty juice drips all over the place. Gagging just thinking about it.

    • Thanks Kellie!
      It’s hard to believe I’m already on Day 25. Time flies by–it seems like I just started this challenge yesterday.

      Keep smiling,

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