Day 15 (Chill Pill)

APR. 24TH – 1,857 WORDS

At Jumpin Java, I met with Robin and Melissa again. Instead of my usual peanut butter sandwich, I ordered a turkey one. Big mistake–the meat was fine, but whatever fancy bagel they put it on was disgusting. It’s not their fault that I’m a picky eater; lesson learned: stick with what I know I like.

No writing again in the morning, but we talked about the stories we’re submitting to the writing contest (due by May 1st). So it was still a productive day, offering critiques. I saw another guy I had graduated with; he sat right next to our table. Once again, what do you say to someone you haven’t seen in over 12 years? Speaking of high school, today I visited Jefferson to attend my brother’s track meeting. They are on their way to Charleston for Regionals. Good luck Cougars!!!

I was so out of my element today because I only had 4 pages left of my notebook, and all my pens dried up. I hate writing in pencil–everything smears. Besides, since I have OCB, I need routine and order to feel comfortable. So, I stalled as long as possible to be honest. I didn’t want to write anything today until I went to the store and brought more pens.

Eventually, I started my NaNo story at 8:30 PM, but I was relaxed and wasn’t worried about word count. I could just make it up over the weekend. I did have a brain fart. I was at 1650 words, and my dumbass comprehended that I needed to write a lot more when I was only 16 away. So I wrote way more than I intended to do, considering I didn’t want to begin in the first place hee hee.

I did reach a philosophical moment though. Yesterday, I just wanted to reach 600 extra words because I was already at 1,000. I wrote and wrote, reaching about 1,900 accidentally. This NaNo challenge is helping me get over the hurdle of word count. I’m writing because I enjoy it, like where my story is going, and motivated to write. Not because of a quota. It was cool beans realizing that!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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