Day 14 (Burnt Out)

APR. 23RD – 1,903 WORDS

Maybe I was burnt out from the weekend, but it took me way longer to reach my word count goal. I had started at 6:45 PM. For some reason, my mind kept wandering. I’m just happy that I made it past the 2 weeks because those couple of days I was going to quit! Matt, the reporter, said he tried NaNo a long time ago and quit during the 2nd week. I didn’t even know that he liked to write fiction. You learn something new about someone everyday.

This story started out as a drama–my writing style–but now, it’s turned dark and edgy. I don’t know if female readers will like that too much. Yet, it’s so much fun to write, to get inside these characters’ heads knowing I’d never act that way. It’s kind of creeping me out hee hee.

I hope I don’t create all the cliches without realizing it. I can confidentally say that NO characters will fall while being chased! That annoys me to no end whenever I watch that scene in a horror movie…

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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