Day 12 (On A Roll)

APR. 21ST – 3,806 WORDS

I had woken up at 1 AM causing me to produce a word count of 599. And, it’s not even like I set out to do that before going back to bed. It just happened. I wrote until I dosed off.

I didn’t start again until 6 PM. I started to feel better about the NaNo process again. Feeling motivated, it was easy for me to bang out a lot of words today. It probably helped that it was rainy and dreary outside–I listened to the rain drops steady rhythm.

Reaching Chapter Five, the situations are set up in the afternoon and evening at the cabin for everyone to wile out and have fun. If only the characters would listen. At the lake, the killer(s) joked about the elaborate plan of what would be done to everyone. Friends or not, sometimes you gotta take things seriously and pay attention.

I steadily wrote all night, so I knew I was on a roll and it felt so good! Reaching 3,000 words is not an impossible feat….

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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