Day 11 (Reflection)

APR. 20TH – 1,098 WORDS

I felt much better after my talk with Melissa and Robin. What a relief. In the morning, Melissa had said that it’s not about the word count (you can always postpone the deadline date), it’s about producing a final novel eventually.

  • As long as I don’t quit, then I’m good. Melissa had felt the blues during the first week while I was motivated. Now, it’s reversed, and Robin and I are on the same page. She’s a great vent partner hee hee. I think if I focus more on how much the story is developing instead of just word count, then I’ll be out of my funk soon.

It’s so much fun talking about our stories; I can’t wait to read theirs. We didn’t get any writing accomplished at Jumpin’ Java, but the morning was still very productive. Melissa had a great idea where she suggested I should write an epilogue at the end instead of just leaving the last person dead. This way police can come in and scan the crime scene and provide false assumptions of what they think happened over that dreadful weekend.

I was a little distracted because I thought I saw Drew Stanley sitting at the other table. We graduated together, but I didn’t want to make an ass out of myself by saying “hi” if he didn’t remember me. I wasn’t exactly Miss Popular. Besides what do you say to someone you haven’t seen in 12 years?

I didn’t start working on my NaNo story until 6 PM, and I’m disappointed to report another low word count. Having a headache, I fell asleep early again. I meant to only take a nap but didn’t wake up until 1 AM (so started writing then where I wrote 599 words. If I would’ve woken up sooner, I would’ve been cool beans).

I’m mad that I didn’t mention my story progress for Day 10–my bad for venting too much. The scenes I had written yesterday where very emotional. Rae and Kenan (siblings) had a bonding moment in the front yard before entering the cabin. 10 years ago–Kenan was 18 while Rae was 15–robbers broke in and terrorized the family. They had tied the two teens up in the living room; they had to watch their mom and dad be gutted, cut limb to limb, etc. So naturally, brother and sister have issues before walking into their vacation home. The only reason they’re there is because Naomi convinced the group of friends they needed to hang out on a 3-day vacation. Dun, dun, dun…

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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