Day 9 (Testy)

APR. 18TH – 2,443 WORDS

I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to feel less stressed when I write in the mornings and evenings. Reaching the goal at night comes quicker. Like today. I was already at 2,000 around 10 PM, so I could concentrate on Law and Order: SVU without feeling guilty. And, I didn’t start right away once I got home; I began at 8 PM.

In the morning, I spent my time at the library. I feel so bad because it seems like I’m being bitchy to people when they try to talk to me LOL. It’s not funny, but it kinda is. Once my pen touches the paper, I’m on a roll. My head is down and I get straight to work, so when someone interrupts me for small talk, my eyes become wide, my body tenses, and I hardly respond. It’s just I’m so stressed trying to keep up with word count. That few minutes I conversed with someone I could’ve been writing!

Plus, it seems like I’m being tested all the time. More interesting things pop up that I could be doing. Or more opportunities arise when I just DON’T HAVE TIME!!! It’s insane because I’m one of those laid-back people that has the philosophy ‘it’ll get done when it gets done.’ Not with NaNo. UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

The good thing is that by writing over 2,000 words for a few days has gotten me to only about 1,500 below the goal. That’s better than 3,000! I reached Chapter Four, and I noticed that every chapter ends with a question. I did that unintentionally, but I like it; therefore, I’ll use this method for the rest of my story.

  • It just hit me–I have to actually kill my characters. They’re so cool, funny, and entertaining. So sad LOL…

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


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