Day 8 (Wake Up Call)

APR. 17TH – 2,416 WORDS

My favorite days are Tuesday and Friday, especially since Melissa joined us today! We didn’t write this morning, but a lot was discussed (all productive of course, hee hee). We talked about our progress–congratulations to Melissa for keeping up with the goal each day! Meeting at Jumpin’ Java keeps us on track. Besides, it’s fun to bounce ideas and writing tips off each other.

It was discouraging to hear how far behind I am in word count. I’m a little over 2,900 behind; reality hit at that moment. No more games. No more distractions. Write 1,666 words a day no matter what. I like talking to Melissa and Robin because if NaNo starts feeling like a trap or simply a requirement, it’s cool to know that other people are going through those emotions as well. Plus, it makes me want to perform better if I have to report my progress to someone. I don’t want an E for effort. I want my A (at least my inner nerd feels that way).

Good news. They liked my story concept and the motivation for the killer(s), so I’m proud of that. The typical motives for murder are: revenge, love, jealousy, greed, downright crazy. It was fun having them guess what set my character(s) off. If they would have kept questioning me, I probably would’ve revealed the murderers to them–they were two minutes away from me spilling the beans.

I’m the only one who uses pen and paper. Maybe instead of buying my messenger/briefcase bag, I should buy an AlphaSmart 3000 from Amazon (Wendy–another blogger I follow–speaks highly of them). Its a portable word processor.

  • PROS FOR PEN/PAPER–is in my comfort zone, can keep writing without being distracted by wanting to go over my story to edit with the delete key, can carry it where ever I go, etc.
  • CONS FOR PEN/PAPER–if pen runs out of ink, I’m screwed, don’t know word count until I type it up
  • PROS FOR ALPHASMART 3000–can type away without having to jot down on paper first, will know word count right away
  • CONS FOR ALPHASMART 3000–will have to carry it with me from work to home, keys are loud (like a typewriter), old versions (nothing newer)

Lack of word count is stressful. It would’ve been easy to quit or claim to lower the 30 day word count to something below 50,000 to meet my goal. Instead, I’m motivated to write over 2,000 words for a few days to catch up, then can go back to normal with 1,666 a day.

I worked my butt off today, so I can have a positive report on Friday. I wrote at home even through my TV shows, quitting at 11:30 PM. I had started at 6 (of course, little breaks here and there were taken. I’m not Wonder Woman). I’m proud to say I didn’t cheat and write overly-done descriptions or pure crap like I was tempted to do this morning. It’s actually readable LOL. It helps that I reached the section in my story that I was motivated to begin with in the first place.

In revisions, I’ll have to research online–or possibly read mystery novels–to get idea of too much foreshadowing? Right balance of clues? Too many suspects? Not enough? Art of using red herrings?, etc.

I’m not researching now because I learned my lesson. I only have time for writing this novel until May 9th (then I’ll be free again hee hee). No more distractions. For now, NaNo will have to be my top priority no matter what. Let’s see if I’m still singing that tune by the 3rd week.

Talk about a wake up call today!

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


9 thoughts on “Day 8 (Wake Up Call)

    • Cool beans. The only model I saw on Amazon was the 3000. Maybe I should look on another website because I’d definitely want the newer model.

      Keep smiling,

      • Ebay? A search on for “AlphaSmart Neo” returns a number of machines in the 40 to 50 USD range. If you are in the USA that is.
        Else you can look on your local Ebay page, of course.

        If you want to buy a new one with warranty from the manufacturer, that’s also possible.

        To the best of my knowledge they are not sold in shops, but sometimes someone will sell them at a writer’s conference. I bought mine online.

      • Thanks for the suggestion fightingflamingo,

        I’ll try purchasing through the manufacturer because I’d definitely want a newer one. I don’t really trust ebay because what if someone sells me a bad product or I pay and then they never send it to me. I guess I’m too vigilant LOL.

        Keep smiling,

  1. 2,416 words! Great job!! I aim to write 1,500 words a day — NaNo or not. Hoping it will help me for NaNoWriMo in November… I agree — I need a partner to keep me accountable else I’ll surf the web instead of write LOL! Hopefully I’ll find one or a writing group soon…

    I would love to write with pen and paper. However, my wrist cramps up terribly after only 5 minutes writing 😦 I am relegated to using my iPad with Storyist, but at least I can easily carry that along with me everywhere.

    Keep writing!

    • Hey Kymberleighanne,
      Great minds think alike. I’m attempting NaNo now to see if I could do it officially for November. It takes all of me to reach 1,666 a day-not gonna lie. I thought it’d be finished in the morning, but I also have to work in the evenings if I want to get anywhere close to my goal.

      Do you have a set time that you write everyday? Good luck with finding a writing group or buddy. I found them online at first, then I was lucky enough to start my creative writing class and met students who were passionate about writing like I was. So now we’re writing buddies, and I found a local writer’s group. I didn’t even realize that many people were inspiring to become authors in the eastern panhandle LOL.

      See, my hands (or should I say wrists) cramp up shortly after I start writing. Then my back aches something awful; I must be sitting wrong in my chair or something. I could use pen and paper all day–I think because I’m used to it. When I draw or sketch, I can’t stop until I’m finished (I’m talking coloring everything too), so my hand cramps up so bad that it balls in a fist and won’t release itself for awhile. Can do that everyday. Now that takes dedication LOL.

      Good luck with NaNo in November!

      Keep smiling,

  2. Hang in there Yawatta, you can do it!!! Just get those words on the paper! BTW, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person who uses an Alphasmart! I love it – beats pen and paper! 🙂

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