Day 7 (Bad Girl)


“What I want, yeah I get it, that’s right I said it…” I love watching Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen network; that theme song is totally playing in my head while I’m writing this post.

My first–hopefully last–official word count of zero. I decided to sleep in (oopsie), and I worked on the story I’m submitting to Shepherd University’s writing contest. So, in essence, I should still get an applause because I was productive today just on something else.

Its a mere coincidence that on the last day of the first week is when I slacked off majorly. I hope my second week I can catch up on my word count and keep moving forward. I’m still very motivated to write this NaNo story, so hopefully that continues. I just happened to be busy this weekend.

No more zeroes. No more zeroes. No more zeroes. If I say it enough times, then maybe it’ll come true.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

4 thoughts on “Day 7 (Bad Girl)

    • Thanks Darla!
      I plan on writing over 2000 words for the past few days to catch up. I made it to the cabin scenes, so I’m definitely excited LOL.

      Keep smiling,

  1. Yawatta, I’ve no doubt you will get back on track. I have confidence in you and have sent you the Lucky 7 Award. It’s mostly to showcase a tiny bit of your writing with an award attached. See me latest post for details!

    • Thank you so much Kellie! My first blogging award–Cool Beans!
      I’ll definitely finish the requirements for tomorrow. Can’t wait. Thanks again!

      Keep smiling,

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