Day 5 (Splitting Priorities)

APR. 14TH – 1,352 WORDS

I’ve listened to music all day. When I say that, I literally mean all day from the moment I woke up to midnight. When I’m creating stories, I listen to certain songs to put me in the desired mood.

For instance, with my NaNo story, I had two songs on constant replay:

  • Civil Twilight-Letters From the Sky
  • Coldplay-Paradise

For my other story (a drama):

  • Mariah Carey-Butterfly
  • Mariah Carey-Anytime You Need A Friend
  • Brandy, Tamia, Chaka Khan-Missing You
  • Avril Lavigne-When You’re Gone

Yes folks. I worked on two stories today, and let me tell ya, my hand was cramped! This morning I worked on NaNo then the rest of the day, I wrote and revised the other one. So that definitely had a higher word count, causing me to turn back on my inner-editor.

Yet, I’m impressed with my word count for today on NaNo as well considering how busy I was having to split my priorities. I’m proud that I took the last half hour at 11:30 PM to bang out more words for NaNo.

  • This morning I was only a little over 600, so I knew I had a lot more I needed to cover. Thankfully, I didn’t give up today. That last 30 minutes helped me bring my word count up, and I love that I reached Chapter Three. All the characters have been introduced except one (the stranger to the group).

The sections I created were full of manipulation and deceit; it was fun to write. Tomorrow, I have to work on other stories as well, so I’m prepared to have a word count for NaNo that doesn’t reach my goal again (1,666 words a day). Oh well. Anything’s better than zero. Now, I’m in the habit of keeping track of word count after so many pages or paragraphs. I like seeing how far I’ve come and how much I have left that way I can estimate my time properly for my writing breaks.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


2 thoughts on “Day 5 (Splitting Priorities)

  1. Hi Yawatta, I’m impressed, you really have been busy today! I’m like you with the music, I have certain songs that go with my stories and I listen to them over & over when I’m writing. It was Celine Dion for my last story, and my husband was very glad when that was over!

    • Hey Francene,
      I listen to the songs over and over again on my IPOD, otherwise, I’d have people screaming at me LOL. I love Celine Dion! I usually sing loudly and off-key if I’m alone, so I would’ve definitely been pausing on writing to really get into the song (if listening to her LOL).

      Keep smiling,

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