Book Review: Sleeping with a D-Man by Mel Hopkins

Sleeping with a D-Man is the ninth book for my reading challenge. And, it’s another one where I broke the rules of only sticking to blogs or Absolute Write. Jade is a good friend of mine from college (oh how I miss those days hee hee), and I noticed that she posted information about this story on her Facebook wall. She was helping out a friend, which motivated me to check out the book too. I wanted to support Jade.

Here’s my thoughts:

What should be a normal school year for 1st year college student Nicole Jettison turns out to be anything but at this east coast Catholic university. Cheerleading tryouts, sorority rushes, basketball games and a lot of school work should be par for the course but Jettison has opted for the extracurricular activities of unmasking shape-shifting drug dealers, sorcery and a night course in fallen angels. In the end, Jettison doesn’t just get a passing grade but a gift from otherworldly beings looking to change their fate and maybe the fate of the world too.

Sleeping with a D-Man: an epic supernatural tale of forbidden love, conspiracy and sacrifice.

This 8 part (the last one only contained the epilogue), 21 chapter book gave a shout-out to West Virginia! I have to thank the author for that. It’s rare that the state is ever mentioned in fiction, so thanks for including us (I’m a West Virginian). Amber was from Wheeling and went back home on holiday break. Then, Moundsville was mentioned about its burial grounds. Both cities I’ve visited, so I was quite excited to read about them!

I was entertained from beginning to end. I didn’t want to put the book down (I’m big on mysteries). The opening showed Nicole’s dad being gunned down while on officer duty. Since it was written in present verb tense, I really felt the impact. That scene was intense as well as the courtroom scene where Azucare shot himself. My favorite quote from the funeral scene was “As soon as I made my oath, I wanted to renege. I felt that promising my life away, was just like being buried alive.”

  • The ending was exciting to read as well. The whole time I thought everyone was out to get Nicole because of a cover-up regarding her father’s death. Instead it went much deeper than that. The characters in the story had to be deceitful so that Nicole could use her free will. When it’s finally revealed what everyone is, then everything makes sense. All I could think was that ‘Dean and Sam Winchester would have a field day on this New York City campus.’

I loved Joy, Nicole, Lisa, and Simone’s friendship. It was nice to see young women getting along with no backstabbing. However, Rachel and Amber didn’t feel the same way. Nicole’s new boyfriend was Drew; they met on campus. Well, Rachel used to date him back in junior and high school; Amber had dated him their freshmen year of college (a year before). Since the two ladies were obsessed with Drew, they couldn’t bring themselves to befriend each other nor anyone Drew had a romantic interest in.

  • Did I mention they were crazy?! Amber kept plotting to get Drew back, which each plan failed miserably. Her desperation oozed onto the pages. Rachel was an Obeah Priestess, so she basically tortured poor Amber and Nicole. I’m talking whatever spell she did, it came true! I couldn’t understand what was attractive about Drew, but the twist at the end revealed everything. I guess they could sense how powerful he truly was.

Nicole’s tires were slashed, she found a salamander in her bed (so freaky–where the heck are reptiles in New York City), plus, she and her boyfriend experienced the same exact dream on the same night. All I thought was ‘I got some voo doo for you bitches!’ hee hee. The psychic scene at the beginning gave me goosebumps. And, when the theology professor acted scared of Nicole after she explained her bizarre dream, I began to think maybe she was cursed. Trust me, I worried about the main character’s safety throughout the entire story.

It’s worth getting past the format issues (some chapters didn’t have paragraph indentations, and some dialogue didn’t start on its own line), plus, some dream sequences, flashbacks were written in all italics. It’s worth reading through because the story was very intriguing. The author Mel Hopkins has a gift of being very descriptive in all her scenes–bringing plot, characterization, setting, and dialogue all together–she was able to set a mood where I got lost in the story. It was very action packed, suspenseful, and tension filled.

  • I loved that there were titles for each of the eight part sections. Each chapter had a heading as well as every scene had a sub-title. I enjoyed this because it gave me a heads up what I was in store for. This book read like an Agatha Christie novel (I’m one of her biggest fans). The story was told through Nicole’s first person point-of-view. However, some scenes used third person point-of-view told through Rachel, Amber, Drew, and her father’s partner of the police unit’s perspective. Since these were very shady people, I knew whenever they had their own views displayed to pay attention–it’d be important later. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of an event or secret that Nicole had no idea about. That’s why I was on edge hoping she’d realize she’d have to defend herself.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Sleeping with a D-Man by Mel Hopkins

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful review! I had as much fun reading it as I did writing the book.

    I also got a kick out of your media references to “Supernatural” – “Bad Girls Club” LOL! I published SWADM about 6 months after Supernatural aired for the first time so you can imagine how surprised I was Mainstream TV was willing to tackle the themes I wrote about in the novel. By the way, I still have a hard time watching that show (Supernatural). It scares me. 🙂

    I recently re-read my novel and I thought about my formatting issues too. I figured it is hard enough following a new “voice” let alone an unfamiliar format too. And Ms. Hosby, yes I wanted to smack myself for the dream sequence italics – smh. I have to find another way to illustrate “dreams” and “flashback” that is also easy on the eye.

    Thank you so much for your time! Thank you for joining me on my journey!

    • Hey Mel Hopkins,
      You’re welcome; I did really enjoy it. The formatting didn’t slow my reading down at all. Another book I read did dreams, flashbacks in all italics too, so I didn’t know if that was a new industry thing or not.

      It’s so cool that you got my pop culture references! I was wondering if I should’ve explained who I was referring to LOL. I can’t get enough of “Supernatural”–I’m still sad that Bobby and Cas are gone. I’m a scaredy cat too, so I’m usually covering my eyes or turning my eyes ALL the time (the background music usual clues me in). And, the with the themes of your book, of course, I had to include Judi’s crazy self.

      Keep me posted when you write something new. I’m a fan!

      Keep smiling,

    • My name is Mitchell Smith and I am Branch Manager for the Whitney Young Branch of the Chicago Public Library. We present a Meet The Author Series every fall and spring and we would like to invite Ms. Hopkins to participate, if possible in October 2013. If this is a possibility please contact me at or 312-747-0039 I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Hey Mr. Smith,

        I believe that this author has her own blog and website. She may be more likely to see the message there. I hope you get in contact with her; it sounds like a great opportunity for an author.

        Keep smiling,

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