Book Review: Kiawah By Jade Alyse

I found Jade’s wordpress website one day by browsing through the ‘writing’ topics on the dashboard.  I enjoyed reading the descriptions of her novels because she writes romance dramas like me.  They say it’s best to read the type of novels you’re interested in writing for, so I followed the experts’ advice.  I’m very happy that I did.

Kiawah is the seventh book for my reading challenge.  Here’s my thoughts:

Loren Soto meets Nicholas Grey at the age of fourteen on sleepy Kiawah Island–and ever since she can’t seem to shake him no matter how hard she tries.  They grow together, developing a love affair torrid enough to send a mountain crumbling to the ground.  And just as everything appears to be set in place, Nicholas interrupted the course and marries Loren’s oldest friend and Charleston’s princess, Sadie Vansant instead.  Disillusioned and angry, Loren then occupies her time with Oliver Russo, a Vansant childhood friend who mysteriously returns home just in time for the wedding.  Loren then begins to notice that there may be more to Oliver and Sadie’s friendship than they let on, and subtle truths and revelations inevitably lead toward an unveiling of secrets that no one, least of all, Loren is prepared for.

I enjoyed this 3 part, 32 chapter book very much.  I loved how it began with an ex of Loren getting married then it ended with a wedding for another one of Loren’s exes.  I liked how much she grew and changed by the end.

I appreciated the refreshing change of not reading about a woman who has no flaws or who can do no wrong.  Loren was aggressive, some may even say ‘bitchy’.  Personally, I liked her feisty nature–besides, bad girls need loving too LOL.

  • I could relate to this character in some ways–we both push people away when they get too close, and we both love museums, art, paintings.  We’re both artists (sketchers) if you will.

The story was very realistic on all levels.  The author Jade Alyse was brilliant in setting up scenarios that created the most conflict and tension for the characters.  For example, Nicholas (a.k.a. Nicky) married Sadie because she was pregnant.  He wanted to do the right thing and take responsibility for the baby.  Load and behold, maybe he should’ve appeared on Maury to hear those famous words “Nicky, you are not the father.” Was it Oliver’s?  Was it another guy’s?

  • As a requirement for her job, Loren had to work in San Diego for the summer to help with a new art museum opening.  Nicky had to work with her on the project.  You can only imagine all the sexual tension in the air between these two ex lovers who never truly received closure.
  • The love triangle between Oliver, Loren, and Nicky was written beautifully.  I kept going back and forth of who I wanted her to end up with.  The ending was definitely a page turner for me–secrets, rumors, lies got cleared up.  I was shocked and amazed by all the turn of events.  Very well written and kept me on the edge of my seat.

My favorite scenes were 1) Loren goes to the bar with her friends and ends up drunk-dialing Oliver’s phone.  It didn’t stop there; she actually drove to his house because she thought he was being intimate with someone else.  I loved how he asked sarcastically, “Want to look under my bed?” 2) The first hospital scene was very entertaining.  It was after Oliver and Loren hooked up; Loren had been avoiding his phone calls for awhile, so once they meet again after Sadie gives birth, Oliver avoids Loren to teach her a lesson.  Can you say awkward LOL?

Even though the story was told through Loren’s perspective, readers get a glimpse of all the characters’ personalities.  Nicky was cocky, Oliver was so sweet (I may have a bias because the book I’m writing now–the main male character is named Oliver, and he’s kind too).  My favorite person was Joey; he never hesitated to be upfront.  Plus, he loved to gossip.  With a friend like Sadie, who needs enemies?

This story was a fast read.  I laughed in some scenes and cried in others.  It was so descriptive that I got lost in the story.  It read like a movie or maybe a soap opera–the good one like Sunset Beach back in the day.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Kiawah By Jade Alyse

  1. Hey Jade Alyse,
    You’re welcome! I’m happy you passed my review to your friends and family. Visiting your website, I saw a bunch of books on there that I’d like to read also. I’m definitely a fan.

    Keep smiling,

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