Book Review: Private Lessons by M. Lush

Dee Turner is barn manager at Deepdale Acres, a job that sounds more glamorous than it is.  Thrown into a rivalry against the perfect, rich, stunningly-talented and most importantly-clean-Sandra; does Dee have a chance to win the man of her dreams?

Michele Lee uses the pseudonym M. Lush when writing romance.  She’s a hopeless romantic who misses her barn days.  It shows in this 7 chapter, 46 page story.  She vividly describes the horses and the land that I could picture a day at Deepdale Acres without having to step foot onto it.

If you’re not an animal lover, it is worth reading those passages to get to the interaction between Dee and Ben.  As the title suggests, Dee gives him private lessons on how to ride a horse.  This book shows how they react to their attraction to one another.

  • I really enjoyed the main character Dee.  She was funny (I love humor where people are able to laugh at themselves) and realistic about her situation.  I like that she didn’t lose her sense of self trying to get Ben’s attention.
  • I related to all the characters.  I understood how Dee felt with her jealousy over Sandra.  At first, I could see why Sandra was so disliked, but the twist at the end had me sympathizing with her.

It was a fast read.  I enjoyed this cute love story.  I like that it wasn’t full of purple prose.

  • The author was impressive in showing how her characters loved and appreciated their horses, so the ending fits perfectly with the story.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

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Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

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