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Here’s the continuation of my chapter. Thanks everyone for your feedback and kind words of my story so far :) Here goes:

“We should go,” Perry said.

Colin gave a devilish grin. “Or we can buy shots.” Before Perry could answer, Colin stood up and headed towards the side of the crowded room where Cody and his entourage were. He stood, scooting himself between Cody and a feisty redhead who was licking the salt off the rim of her  margarita glass.

Perry remained seated and scratched his head. He made eye contact with the bodyguards, shrugged, then went over to help his friend; Colin shouldn’t fight his battles.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome blog hop that has writers share 8-sentence excerpts with the blogosphere. It can be from published or unpublished work. The blog hop is a fun way to get feedback and constructive criticism on rough drafts, and it’s a creative way to showcase your books. If you’re interested in joining or reading the talent of participating writers, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, Sept. 14th.

Here’s the excerpt from my women’s fiction novel:

Seconds later, Colin tapped Perry’s arm like a bored child trying to get his parent’s attention. Did he want to hear gossip that badly? Before Perry could voice his annoyance, Colin said, “Bro, we have company.”

Perry watched the door, and sure enough, Cody entered the bar with an entourage of three guys. They all had messy hair as though it was purposefully styled that way, matching salmon polo shirts, and khaki shorts. They resembled a corny boy band–the heart throb, the bad boy, the lead singer, and the no talented hack. The no talented hack being Cody, of course. Cody didn’t spot them as he made his way to the bar.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby

18669436***I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review***

Seventeen-year-old Milly has a huge problem on her hands. She is being bullied by Amelia Norris. Day in and day out, Amelia torments Milly and even threatens to hurt her, but she can’t tell anyone–not a soul. Milly’s reasoning–she does not want anyone to know where her tormentor lives. They only share one thing in common. Both co-exist as one in the same body. Milly is so disconnected from her past that she feels compelled to find out what truly happened to her when her parents were still alive. After a mysterious fire, she and Grandpa George move into Aunt Rachel’s Victorian home where Milly then begins to unravel puzzling clues to her family history. Through dreams and scattered memories, Milly journals her breaking story, trying to cope by putting the shattered pieces back together, all the while resisting with her inner demon. Amelia is determined to cut Milly out of the real world–literally. Milly starts to wonder who her real family is after stumbling across Aunt Rachel’s notebook–having the intuitive sense that something terribly awful is missing. All she had thought to be true now seems like one big lie.

I loved this book. It was told through Milly’s first person point-of-view. She was the sane one while Amelia was crazy. Amelia was ruthless in her torture, so it made me feel bad for Milly. She was going through so much at a young age, that the bullying broke my heart. Beth was Milly’s best friend. As a reader, I wished she would have realized something was really wrong with Milly. It would have been cool for the friend to save the day.

My favorite lines: 1) “No one sees me. I’m invisible to everyone. Everyone but her.” 2) “Start over?” I say, standing up. “Nothing ever began.”

I really enjoyed the mystery aspect involving the family drama. Milly’s aunt and grandfather were hiding a tragic secret; Milly had to go as far as stealing her aunt’s journal to try and find answers. Throughout the book, I wondered if Milly kept seeing a ghost (the girl with dark hair) or if the girl was a stalker. The twists and turns were intriguing, especially the ending! I would have never guessed! I thought Milly would end up with her new crush, Blake. Maybe she does and maybe she doesn’t. You’ll have to read the book to find out.

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



Weekend Writing Warriors is an awesome blog hop that shares writers/authors work to the blogosphere. Every Sunday, they share an 8-sentence excerpt of a published or unpublished piece. If you’d like to join or have a fun read over the weekend, please visit WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, September, 7th.

I really appreciate all the feedback I’ve received on my rough draft. You guys are keeping me motivated to continue editing :) . For a while there, I had given up on it, working on something else instead.  Thanks again for your help! Here’s a continuation from the previous weeks:

“Do you think so?”

“You never know, you just never know; maybe Melody or Sequoia would?”


“She keeps in touch with Plaid, right?”

Perry ran his hands through his hair in a frustrated way. He didn’t know how to answer that question, and it ripped his heart out. Was Sequoia still screwing Plaid; had she communicated with him in Australia? Instead of answering, he remained quiet, looking back towards the TV to avoid the issue.


I’m starting to think I should have began this blog hop in earlier chapters. I chose this one because I was stuck on something and wanted to see if I was going in the right direction. Let me tell some backstory because these new characters may be confusing since you guys have gotten to understand Colin, Perry, and Cody.

Perry, Colin, and Sequoia star in a popular movie franchise. At the beginning, Sequoia was caught by paparazzi kissing a co-star on her sister’s top-rated TV show. The co-star is named Plaid, and in a magazine interview he had expressed his Hollywood crush was Sequoia (before they ever even met). That’s why paparazzi is really milking the drama for all its worth. The media and public believe Plaid and Sequoia only kissed, but Sequoia told Perry the truth (she hooked up with Plaid more than once). He decided to keep her secret (he likes dealing with things in private).

Anyway, the scandal happened right before the promotional tour of their movie, so they are forced to work together. Plaid wasn’t taking the bait of badmouthing Sequoia to the press, so the press took matters into their own hands and baited her ex from years ago to throw her name in the mud (Cody’s hidden agenda–his new TV show will be premiering soon. Any publicity is good publicity).

Hope this helps :)

Oh and Melody is a troublemaker who stars in the popular franchise with Colin, Perry, and Sequoia. She has a crush on Perry, so is very jealous of Sequoia (she loves that Sequoia messed up and hopes that she can take her spot in Perry’s heart).

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Weekend Writing Warriors is an amazing blog hop that features talented writers every Sunday. Writers and authors get to share their 8 sentence excerpt of published or unpublished works. To join or to read the wonderful excerpts, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, August 31st.

This week, I’m continuing my chapter of the celebrity scandal story. Here goes:

Perry squinted his eyes, and his cheeks flushed red. “Don’t start.” Softening his face, he asked, “Did you know Cody was joining us?”

“No, if I did, I sure as hell would’ve given you a heads up-maybe Melody knew?”

They sat in awkward silence for a little while, enjoying their drinks and watching TV.

“Hey bro, do you think Plaid will make a surprise visit next-maybe tomorrow?” Colin asked.

Bug-eyed, Perry turned his head to look at his friend.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby



“It is a place of unrelenting misery and interminable pain and sorrow. It is a place of lost hope, a dismal abyss where remorse is candy, and tears, nectar, to unforgiving monstrosities with endless appetites.”

In life, Samuel Rylandt was a serial rapist and murderer who callously committed heinous acts with no regard whatsoever for the women he victimized. In death, however, he will suffer the consequences of his depravity as his soul undergoes a startling corporeal transformation and he is thrown to Hell (Omerion) to complete three horrific phases of moral reconstruction.

Samuel’s notions of the underworld are broadened as he learns that “Hell” is actually an elaborate civilization where the damned agonizingly learn the virtues that evaded them in life.

I loved this short story. The opening: “There should have been an ear-piercing scream resonating throughout the dank, dismal cavern, but no sound spewed forth from my mutilated, bloodied mouth” gave chills down my spine. The story was told through Samuel’s first person point-of-view. The author was great with voice because I HATED this bastard!!! He was vile, he was slime, and I respected that Angel Gelique wasn’t afraid to write in fear. I was disgusted (in a good way), thankful Samuel got his karma.

My favorite lines: 1) “All the while I prayed–yes, me, the black-hearted atheist–prayed for the sweet relief of a finite sleep.” 2) “Scanning the room was like having a private glimpse into insanity.”

I enjoyed hearing about Molly Watts; it helped me understand Samuel more. The author was also great with description; her metaphors were original and creative. If you love horror, then you’ll love this book. If you’re squirmish or have a weak stomach, BEWARE!

I RECOMMEND this book to read.

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby


Weekend Writing Warriors found a creative way to bring talented authors together who would like to share their 8-sentence excerpts to the blogosphere. These excerpts can be from unpublished or published works. If anyone would like to join or would like to read the wonderful talent, please visit the WeWriWa’s website on Sunday, August 24th.

I’m continuing my chapter for this week. If anyone needs to catch up, here’s Snippet #1, Snippet #2, and Snippet #3. My excerpt is still about two friends bonding over their hatred for a celebrity trying to mess up their promotional tour. Here goes:

Sequoia was good at keeping secrets, so it’s not like she would tell him.

“What?” Colin frowned.

Out of his daze, Perry said, “Huh?”

“What’s up, you were looking at me weird. Don’t tell me that we can’t get past this afternoon.” A teasing smirk formed on Colin’s lips. “Will you forgive me if I print a public apology?”

Keep smiling,

Yawatta Hosby